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The ALTONA M is ALPINA's latest commuter helmet. With its reflective visor, excellent ventilation features, sturdy Koroyd protection technology and easy adjustability, the ALTONA turns the task of cycling to and from work into a pleasure to look forward to! Florian Nowak - Keller Sports Pro


With the Run System Ergo Flex, you get the ideal fit and the best possible safety all in one. The helmet's delicate design hugs the head evenly from all angles and allows you to adjust the fit to suit your own head shape and size. What's more, the loops on the straps serve to keep your headphones in place, so you can start off the day listening to your favourite tunes on your way to work.

Helmet & gogglesin one


As the ALTONA is such a sturdy helmet, it can afford to have larger openings for superior ventilation. Ducts allow air to flow into the helmet and over and around your head, keeping you cool when rush-hour traffic heats up. If it's a chilly morning though, you might want to reduce the ventilation by adjusting the sliding upper shell. Either way, the amount of airflow will always be tailored to your needs.


Koroyd is a high-performance material that delivers top protection. Several small tubes thermally connected to each other is what makes this honeycomb structure so stable and lightweight. For extra safety, the helmet comes with two lighting modes: steady and flashing; and you can switch between them at the push of a button, so no matter what time of the day or night you ride, other road users will be able to spot you from a distance.

  • Singleflex
  • Visor with
    UV protection
    protective material
  • Edge Protect
    on lower edge
  • EPS


The ALTONA is much more than just a helmet - it comes with an integrated shatter-proof visor too! Its light surface reflects infra-red rays for 100% UV protection. Best of all? If you wear vision correction glasses, they'll fit perfectly behind the visor!

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  • Réf produit: BSHAL027000
  • Identifiant Fabricant A9728331